This is the other giant pillar of this blog…the teacher side of me.  When something educational strikes me, I love to share.  Plus, I’m doing little activities around the house with my daughter and son all the time.  I’ll keep this section updated as often as I can…

My Daughter Absolutely, Positively Made My Little Writing Teacher’s Heart EXPLODE!

Several Simply Themed Activities to Do with an Under Age 3 Child

My Daughter Started Kindergarten: 3 Crazy & Good Moments from the First Day of School

New School Year, New Goals

Vacation Education Edition: 4 Books and an Activity to Enhance Your Family Beach Trip

Simple Summer Guide: Activity Schedule & Goals for My Kids

8 Ways to Teach Children Patience

3 Products I’m Purchasing to Prepare My Child for Kindergarten

6 Reasons I Have Enjoyed Using the Evan-Moor STEM Guide at Home with My Kids

4 Benefits an Evan-Moor STEM Guide Provides for Learning at Home and School

5 Subscription Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids and Adults

24 Educational Christmas Gift Ideas

10 Community Helper Toys or Resources for Teaching Kids Gratitude and Service

Three Mess-Free​ Painting Activities for the Toddler Aged Child

Something New to Try…Grammarly!

18 Different Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

Four Magazine Subscriptions Designed for Children Ages 0-2

After School Conversations

A New School Year…

An Online Resource for Educating & Entertaining Kids

I Love Little Passports

Wake Up Activities: Learning Tasks for Early Learners

Green, Yellow, Red Handwriting Practice

Zipping & Buttoning Practice

Overdrive- Free Digital Library Books

Handmade Lacing Cards

A Daily Calendar for Kids

Melissa and Doug

Educational Game & Toys at Low Prices

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