Raising Kids

Doesn’t this topic seem like it takes up the bulk of your time?  I’m not complaining.  I absolutely, completely, can’t even find the words to describe to you how much I love raising my children.  Do I love it every minute, hour, day?  No.  It’s extremely difficult at times.  It’s terribly frustrating at other times but gosh I still love it.  Yes, a lot of posts have been written about raising my children.  It’s kind of the theme of this blog you know…Teacher MOM Talks…so indulge in some little momfessions…if you wish…

A Mysterious Sound…

My Daughter Absolutely, Positively Made My Little Writing Teacher’s Heart EXPLODE!

Exploring Secondhand Selling in Cyberspace

Sign Up Now for Under $5 a Month!

Several Simply Themed Activities to Do with an Under Age 3 Child

My Daughter Started Kindergarten: 3 Crazy & Good Moments from the First Day of School

New School Year, New Goals

Vacation Education Edition: 4 Books and an Activity to Enhance Your Family Beach Trip

Disney Cruise Itinerary: So Much to Do So Little Time!

16 Things I Loved About Our Disney Cruise Vacation

13 Fears or Worries I Had Before Embarking on a Disney Cruise Vacation

Preparing Your Kids for a Disney Cruise

Creating Magical Moments While Balancing Real Life

Sizing Me Up

Simple Summer Guide: Activity Schedule & Goals for My Kids

An Empty Calendar…

If Only I Could Time Travel…

A Royal Hospital Exit vs. A Real Hospital Exit

9 Baby Products that Solve Problems

Seven Creative Ways to Involve Your Child in His/Her Birthday Party Planning and Prepping

Dear Mr. Flu…

Do Things Really Have to Change?

An Alternative Idea for Giving Gifts at Children’s Birthday Parties

Five Ways to Incorporate Reading Into Family Routines

10 Examples of How to Teach Hope, Love, and Joy to Children During the Christmas Season

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