Second-Hand Cyber Shop

Welcome!  This is my little hobby shop…my place of exploration…a spot where I will learn and discover.  Thank you for being here.  I appreciate you in advance for possibly becoming one of my first customers.  I want you to understand, that at this point, this Second-Hand Cyber Shop is not a place for me to really make a lot of money and I certainly understand that I’m not going to get rich here.  It’s really not about the money.  It’s about figuring it all out.  It’s a trial.  It’s practice.

I want to learn…

  • the ins and outs, the nitty-gritty of shipping and fees
  • how to price items
  • how to provide positive customer service experiences
  • keeping logs and tracks of items sold, fees that are incurred, and how much I’m actually making

It’s just me!

Please understand, that if you purchase something from this Silly Second-Hand Cyber Shop, you’re dealing with one person…a momma…who is doing everything.  I am the only one running this “business” as well as running a home, raising two kids, and trying to squeeze in adult conversation with my husband at times.

You deserve the best!

Now, just because I say that, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve THE BEST…because you do deserve THE absolute best!  Especially if you have visited my simple little dream site and decided to purchase something.  Also, you’re choosing to spend your hard earned cash…right here…right here at Teacher Mom Talks…so I want you to experience nothing but THE BEST.

So let’s talk about what THE BEST is…

  • I’ve been a customer…of course…many times in my life.  There is nothing more annoying than making the choice to spend your money somewhere and then being completely dissatisfied.  I want no dissatisfaction here.  Your feedback is always welcome.  As a matter of fact, post it below.  Well, if it’s nice, post it below.  If it’s slightly critical, send it privately first, and give me a chance to address the issue.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot offer refunds.  Yes, I want you to be satisfied and I will do my very best to make sure you are, but I just don’t have any leeway right now to offer money back at this point.  However, if there is something that I mess up on my end, something that I didn’t communicate properly, or something that just goes really wrong with your Second Hand Shopping on Teacher Mom Talks, then, I certainly will try my very best to fix that.
  • Before you purchase anything, I will make sure to provide honest communication about the merchandise and goods you’re interested in.
  • I want to give YOU the best deal.  I will always take that thought and consideration into account.  Why?  Because I love deals too!  When pricing I have to consider- the shipping cost, the boxing/materials to get it to you, and my time.  I do feel I can charge for my time, right?!  Otherwise, it would totally not be worth it all.  I would be running around delivering packages, taking time away from my family, and receiving no gain at all.  So yes, I do need a little gain.  But…other than covering those costs I want to keep prices…LOW!

Why did I decide to open a Crazy Second-Hand Cyber Shop on my blog?

  • To figure it out
  • To explore
  • To learn

Because…my thought is…if I can learn the art of selling on my blog…then…I will have the knowledge and opportunity to really sell anything one day.  I don’t even know what that thing could be or what those things might be…but…I’ll be ready for it!

Why do I want to sell used goods?

  • Well, I’m on a 2019 mission to clean out.  No, this was not Konmari method inspired.  Yes, I did watch the first episode of her show and grabbed some tips.  But this was a goal and plan of mine for a long time…way before Konmari.  I believe some inspiration has come from Becoming Minimalist and some of it has just come from accepting a new lifestyle of being a stay at home mom.
  • Plus, my life has taken many different turns.  I’ve experienced many different seasons.  The collection of stuff in my house explains all those seasons…from size 2 to gigantic basketball belly sized clothing of mine, to toys, from my childhood things to mothering years, plus all of those clothes that my kids wear just a few times and then outgrow! This house has everything and we certainly don’t need it all.  But someone else might like to have this stuff.  One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, right?
  • But selling used goods is just an easy way to learn how to sell without much risk involved.  I don’t have to spend my money on a giant inventory with the chance of falling flat on my face.  I can learn all the kinks and then maybe if I discover this sort of works, I’ll move into other areas after my 2019 clean out.

Are there any additional fees like shipping?

  • Well yes, but you won’t see those fees.  I hate extra fees!  I want you to see the price and know that is what you’re paying.  So the price you see under an item is the price you’ll pay…no extra fees!
  • Oh and I’ll accept and consider offers as well.
  • Shipping in the US only.

Feel Free to Create Collections

  • I have grouped some like items together and created a bulk price for all of the items within the collection I made. I want you to get as much as you would like for a low cost and I can offer that lower price when items are grouped together because then I’m not bombarded with a whole bunch of shipping fees.

How do I buy something from you?

  • Maybe one day, I might like to change my site into a place that makes buying goods a little more official.  Like I’ll start paying for a WordPress account which would give me access to a payment button.  But for right now, there’s not much that is official here.  If you want to purchase something, email me at about the product you’re interested in.  If you decide to buy, send over your home address for shipping purposes.  Once, I have received your payment via PayPal (using my same email address), I’ll get your gift in the mail as soon as possible!

What if I know you personally and live really close?

  • If I know you personally, depending on the item, I might just let you borrow it, or give it to you for free.  So…I always like to say…it doesn’t hurt to ask!

What kinds of things do you sell?

Baby Boy Clothing

Baby Girl Clothing


Games, Blu-rays, & DVDs


Maternity & Nursing Clothes

Women’s Clothing & Accessories

Women’s Shoes

Buh-Bye Now!

Thanks again for visiting!  I can’t believe you found this spot!  I hope that one day I’ll have something that you might like so that I can learn a few things from you.  I appreciate you being here and helping me along on this journey!

May the adventures that lie ahead bring you joy, growth, and experiences that inspire you to be the best teacher and mom God created you to be.  Have a Happy Day!


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