Maternity and Nursing Clothes

Visit my Second Hand Cyber Shop Homepage to learn more details about this shop and how to purchase clothing.

All clothes will be freshly steamed before they arrive in the mail at your home.

Maternity Sizes Small and Medium are available.

Love an item?  Don’t like the price?!  Send me your best offer!

Maternity Dresses & Skirts


Motherhood Maternity Coral Polka Dot Dress- Size Small $24


Motherhood Maternity Royal Blue Dress- Size Medium $24


Black Striped and Gray Maternity Dress Collection- Size Small $44


Purple and Teal Maternity Dress Collection- Size Small $42


Black Maternity Skirt- Size Small $21


Motherhood Maternity Navy Blue and White Striped Skirt- Size Medium $22

Maternity Tops


Maternity Tanks- Size Small, $26


Motherhood Maternity Striped Tank- Size Small, $17


Striped and Solid Maternity Shirt Trio Collection- Size Small, $36


Gray, Green, and Black Maternity Tees Trio Collection- Size Small, $34


Striped and Solid Short Sleeve Maternity Shirts Collection- Size Small, $32


Black and White Spaghetti Strap Maternity Tanks- Size Small, $24


Black & Coral Orange Maternity Shirts Collection- Size Small, $44

Maternity Bottoms, Shorts, Pants, & Accessories


Black and White Maternity Shorts Collection- Size Small, $42


Maternity Jeans Straight Leg Trio Collection- $56


Maternity Pants Wider Leg Collection- Size Small, $46


Black Maternity Tights & Leggings Trio Collection- Size Small, $44


Belly Belt & Bands Collection- 4 Belly Belts with black, white, and blue covers, black stretchy material band, white and black cotton bands $36


Navy Blue Drawstring Capris- Size Small, not actual maternity pants but the drawstring works great for that growing belly, $16

Nursing Tops

Striped Long Sleeve Nursing Shirt- Size Small, $17

Black Sleeveless Nursing Shirt- Size Small, $16

Black, White, and Gray Nursing Tanks & Tees Collection- Size Small, $34


White, Tan, & Pink Nursing Tank Collection- Size Small, $16


Purple Nursing Top- Size Medium $18

Purple Nursing Pajamas- Size Small, $16


Shirts with buttons make great tops to wear while nursing at work or while out with friends.  Head on over to my Woman’s Clothing & Accessories page for other types of clothing that might work for your maternity and nursing needs.  Feel free to create collections so that you can get a lot of clothes for a little bit of money.  Make me an offer!  Also, email me, if you want other suggestions for what to wear while being a nursing momma.  I may even share a few more tops out of my closet that I found to work great!  Thanks for shopping!  I can’t wait to get shipping!

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