A Month of Manageable Meals

As I write, I am sitting on the beach, the sun has just set, and I’m finishing the last sips of my sangria.  We are nearing the end of our month-long beach vacation.  As I was washing the dishes tonight, I discovered that I have, with the help of my mom, been able to provide meals for our family, with very little repeats, for an entire month.

When I was packing our belongings for our trip, I started trying to plan out some meals.  I created a shared note on my phone.  (I love the shared note features, like being able to use bullet points and checkmarks.)

As I thought of meal ideas, I would type it into the note section of my phone and then drop the ingredients into our Walmart Shopping Cart on the app.

During the evening of our first night here, my mom and I visited Aldi.  I had several of our dinner plans in my head, so I grabbed ingredients as we swirled through the aisles of the store.  Then, I filled in the gaps a few days later with a Walmart Pick-Up.

But my purpose for coming to the blog tonight, is to write, because it’s fun, and also because I haven’t done it in a while.  Plus, it’s a dream of mine to write on the beach, making money from it to buy a beach house would be nice, but for now, I’ll just write for free, raise my family, and enjoy life.

The other reason I’m here on the blog is that I thought, maybe, just maybe, someone could benefit from this whole list of meals I’ve created for an entire month.  Well, I may be short a few days or so, because we ordered some take out and also had a few appetizer nights, but seriously, do you find yourself searching for something to cook every single night?!

I think I got lucky with this meal planning for the month but when I return home I can already feel my eyes rolling up into my head as I contemplate the mundane task of cooking dinner over and over again.  It’s fun at the beach but it gets boring at home.

So indulge in the ideas, if you like.  Some of them are simple so I won’t provide an explanation.  Some of them I will link to for recipe ideas.  If you want any further information, just comment below, and I’ll hook you up with some more details.

A Month of Meals…

Talk About It:  Which meal idea will you steal?  Do you have any further preparation questions? Share a dinner idea with me and anyone else who might read this blog post below.  Let's help make this necessary task easiest for us all!




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