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Do you have certain types of meals that you tend to cook over and over again?  Easy meals that you can whip up real fast without a recipe?!

Well, this post is actually a Part Two to another post I just created, A Month of Manageable Meals.  I wrote it to document the meals we have survived on at the beach.  I developed the list to make sure everyone was happy and fed but so that we could also enjoy our vacation with easy dinner ideas.  I have jotted down some additional notes to accompany the meal ideas I shared.

Every person is on a different level of cooking skill and effort level.  Some people love to cook and go the extra mile to cook certain foods in spectacular ways.  Other people just want to get food on the table fast.  I’d like to say I’m somewhere in between.

I’ve never considered myself a good cook.  But since I have always been a bit self-conscious about my cooking style, after becoming a stay at home mom, I decided I wanted to improve myself in that area and I have definitely enjoyed exploring.

So please forgive me if I say something below that may seem SO obvious.  I still struggle with boiling corn on the cob in a pot.  If you’re with me on that, you might find my learned tips helpful.  Otherwise, just skip on over to some other fancy meal prep blog, because I’m definitely not fancy here.

Additional Details About Manageable Meals I Make

BBQ Chicken

I love to buy the ten-pound bag of boneless chicken from Walmart.  I use that bag of meat for so many meals.  A quick meal I like to make is tossing frozen boneless chicken in a glass pan, covering it with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, and baking it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30-45 minutes.  Then, I just make good ‘ol macaroni and cheese from the box and boil some lima beans.  My family loves it!

Pork Chops and Potato Pancakes

On our beach trip, I found frozen potato pancakes at Aldi.  They were delicious!  I also tossed the pork chops in the oven with olive oil and seasoning from the spice rack.  Opened a can of carrots for the stove and dinner was done!

Seasoned Baked Chicken

I made this meal a couple of times while at the beach with different sides.  After I put the frozen boneless chicken in the glass pan, I pour olive oil over the top of the meat, then sprinkle rosemary to season.  There is a pasta salad in a box from Aldi that I like to create on the side.

Chicken Alfredo

You probably already know this one but I bake the chicken, make the pasta, and pour the alfredo sauce to complete the meal.


Another easy one.  Look for it in the freezer section.

Palomilla Steak

There is a one of a kind restaurant near where my husband’s office used to be.  He always loved to order palomilla steak there.  I’m sure my version doesn’t compare but I simply thaw thin steaks, pour olive oil at the bottom of a skillet, toss in the steak and chopped onions, add some lime juice, minced garlic, parsley flakes, and voila!

Slow Cooker Ribs and Meatballs

These are two different meals we cooked but they’re so simple.  Toss in the crockpot and pour bbq sauce over top of them.  Oh and I buy the meatballs from the frozen section.

While we were at the beach, I additionally opened a can of mandarin oranges and topped the BBQ meatballs with these little orange delights to add some extra flavor.

PBJ Pulled Chicken

When we ran out of bbq sauce, I thought it would be fun to add some strawberry jam and peanut butter to the frozen boneless chicken in the crockpot.  It was a fun twist to this meal!

Talk About It:  What's an easy meal you like to make?!

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