Teacher Moms Deserve Appreciation

Here I go again with my random chatter that I often tuck right into the beginning of my blog posts.  Here I go again with another idea and random pursuit…

Or is it random?!

This pursuit may actually be the one consistent thing I am doing for my blog.  I did it last year and I said I would continue to do it every year after.  So here I am, trying to keep my promises.

An Annual Giveaway

Last year, I gave away a $15 Amazon Gift Card to a teacher as part of Teacher Appreciation.  She chose to ask her students how this small amount of money could be used to benefit their education and classroom.  Her students voted on purchasing Choose Your Own Adventure books.  This was a small start to a project I hope to continue every year on my blog and vlog.  (I often have no idea what the purpose of Teacher Mom Talks is, but, I want to try to keep, “giving back,” as a pillar in this process.)

Giving Back

I am happy that I have found ways, this year, to use the hobbies I have acquired through Teacher Mom Talks to give to others.  I have created invitations and graphics for other people.  I have even used the filming and editing skills I have learned to create videos for the children that I typically work with at church.  These videos have given me the opportunity to stay connected with them while we are all staying at home.  This makes me happy because doing good for others is very fulfilling.

I Give What Makes Sense For Me Right Now

When it comes to money, though, I don’t always have a lot to offer. Sorry, I’m not rich, no celebrity status here.  I am a stay at home mom.  I have no income, currently, and of course, my small blog pursuits definitely only bring in pennies.  But when I put my pennies together this year, I decided that I’d like to give away a $20 Amazon Gift Card.  That’s what I can do this year, and like I said, I hope it grows every year.

How Can You Win It?!

So I started thinking…how will I choose the winner of the gift card this year?!

Times are different.  Really strange.  Unexpected circumstances are occurring.

Teachers are teaching online.  Parents are teaching at home.  Many families have two parents working while also trying to educate their own kids.  The role of teacher mom has many different meanings these days.  You could be a teacher with a class of students you are caring for over the computer.  Or you could be a mom with kids at home you are educating.  Or you could be a teacher mom that is educating students from your home as well as educating your own kids too.  You could be a mom that never imagined the title, “Teacher Mom,” could fit you, but you’ve recently added it to your, “resume.”

Make Me Laugh

I started thinking about the world around me and decided, you know what I want, you know what a lot of people really want right now?!  They probably want to laugh!  They probably want to giggle so hard that tears start streaming down their face and a big roll of joy just bubbles in their belly.  That’s what people probably want.  That’s what I want.

I wish I had that talent.  I wish I could make people feel better through laughter.  When I make people laugh, it makes me feel so good.  But it’s definitely not my gift.  Someone that does have that gift, Ellen Degeneres.  Oh my goodness, the video of her talking about the dad when the kids come in behind him in his home office is hysterical!  That is the last time I laughed SO hard.  Trevor Noah made me giggle too when he talked about this same video.

So I started thinking…what if…I asked people to make me laugh.  Since I can’t necessarily make people laugh, what if I asked other people to make me laugh and then share their funny stories with others?  Because you know when you’re a teacher mom you have kids living in your home that are comedians whether they realize it or not.  You have kids in your zoom classrooms cracking you up.  You are living in weird times that make you just giggle at crazy circumstances.

What if you made me laugh?

So here’s what you need to do and the rules you need to follow in order to win a chance at the “BIG” $20 Amazon Giftcard Prize…

  • First, if you’re the winner, it will be very simple, I’ll just send a gift card code to you through Instagram Private Message.  No additional exchange of information is needed.
  • Second, you must be a teacher or a mom or a teacher mom.
  • Third, you must be following Teacher Mom Talks on Instagram.  I mentioned a pillar of Teacher Mom Talks up above.  I do have certain concepts that I try to keep a focus on throughout this blogging experience and building relationships is part of it.  You know I don’t really want to “talk” to myself.  I want to talk to other people, other moms, other teachers, etc.  I enjoy people who talk rather than stalk on social media and I don’t mean in a weird way.  But some people spend more time on social media just staring or looking rather than actually engaging with people.  It IS possible to build a relationship through social media.  You can maintain friendships, stay in touch, and meet other people living very similar lifestyles to your own.  It’s not an end all be all method, absolutely not, but it’s a part of the world we live in.  The first initial reason I ever started Teacher Mom Talks was because I realized how hard it was to be a teacher mom and I was having difficulty adjusting.  I feel like one of the best ways to get adjusted to something is by talking to people and pulling people into your circle to help you through it.  Dang…that is what Teacher Mom Talks has done for me and more.  So yes, following Teacher Mom Talks is important.  Please don’t take the money and run.  Join the conversation.
  • Fourth, the funny story or moment you share can be typed, can be a photo or a video.
  • Fifth, you can get your story to me in many different ways like- teachermomtalks@gmail.com or #teachermomtalks or @teachermomtalks or a private message on Instagram or even use the hashtag #teachermomlaughchallenge.  You can always find me on Instagram! Hashtag it, mention it, send it, just get it to me.
  • Sixth, as soon as you learn about this Teacher Mom Appreciation Opportunity you can start sending stuff to me.  I’ll pick a winner on Monday, May 11th, 2020, and reveal the winner as soon as my teacher mom life responsibilities allow me to.
  • Seventh, you can spend the gift card money on whatever you want.  You deserve it!  Oh and it would be super cool if you shared with me how you used it but, you don’t have to.
  • Eighth, remember to make me laugh!  Send me funny stuff and also permission to post it because if it’s funny I want to share it!
  • Ninth, make sure the story is yours.  You can send funny stuff to me that you’ve seen on the internet.  That’s cool!  It will make me laugh.  But, in order to win, I want your funny story, video, photo, to be about you, your kids, your students, your life, something funny that happened in relation to educating kids at home or virtually.
  • Tenth, protect the innocent.  If you shouldn’t be sharing stories or photos of your students.  If your funny story could be harmful or humiliating to someone, a family, a child.  I absolutely don’t want to see it!  Be kind.  Use good judgment.
  • Eleventh, have fun, make me laugh, and I can’t wait to see and share your funny post!
Talk About It:  Can you make me laugh right here?  Can you tell me a funny story in the comments below?  Go for it!  Drop it down below and it will count as an entry to the $20 Amazon Giftcard Contest!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.



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