Tennessee Trip & Travel Tips: Day Three

To Capture the Memories for My Two Children…

I write this to you two…

On Day 3 of our Tennessee Travels, we ventured over to The Island in Pigeon Forge.  This area had many shops, rides, restaurants, an Escape Room, etc.  Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen is there too but we didn’t care to eat there because Daddy, Sissy, and I ate at her place in Savannah, Georgia.  The hoecakes were amazing but we always love to visit new places and try new restaurants at each place we visit.

We were rather hungry when we arrived so we chose to eat at the Timberwood Grill.  It was a great choice.  Your dad ordered the meatloaf and I had a humongous strawberry salad.  More of our family arrived on this day and joined us around the table.

After lunch, we visited some shops, rode on the train, and went to Build a Bear.  You both enjoyed embracing Twilight Sparkle and Chase the entire trip.

Afterward, we headed to the Alpine Coaster.  This is something your dad researched and really wanted to do.  It was a definite that you and your dad would ride but I wasn’t sure.  As we arrived, I took a glance at it and even though slightly frightened decided I wanted to do it as well.

Sissy chose to ride with me.  Daddy made sure to hop in front of us so that he didn’t get slowed down by me.  We took off.  It was a bit chilly and slow at first.  And then our little cart came to a complete halt.  They came over the speaker and said, do not stop on the tracks.  I did not realize I actually had to press the lever forward to go.  So I pressed it down and began screaming a high pitched squeal all throughout the ride, hitting the brake as often as I could.  Uncle G was behind us.  We messed up his speed because this coaster gave me the option to brake, so of course, I was going to use it.  After the ride, you still said I went fast.

We headed back to the “holiday house” after this, probably following our similar routine of hot tub, baths, pajamas, and to all a good night…

Talk About It:  How do you feel about roller coasters?  Love them, hate them?  Has your opinion changed of roller coasters over the years?

My favorite place to share pictures is in my insta stories.  The photos are up for 24 hours. You might be able to catch a glance at the pics to match the stories above if you head on over to @teachermomtalks.



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