A Mysterious Sound…

This morning as my daughter and I were moving between the kitchen, family room, and bathroom to get ready, my daughter asked, “What’s that noise?”

I didn’t hear it but she was certain she heard something so I walked back into the hallway to look around and see what it might be.  I noticed her lamp had shut off, which Alexa does when it is time to leave, so I said, “It must have just been your lamp clicking off.”

She said, “That was fast.”

(Because she has been pushing her simmer time to the max limit these days before school, it probably did seem fast to her.)  She still needed to brush her teeth so as she turned to head into the bathroom, she screamed a startled scream and said, “A frog, there’s a frog!!!”

I looked around the corner and discovered the most gigantic green frog clinging onto the bathroom door.  I let out an “Ack,” and then ran to get my camera to capture the crazy morning events.

However, as I turned to grab my phone, the frog leaped further into the bathroom.  I quickly grabbed the kids’ toothbrushes, shut the door, and locked it.  That bathroom is off-limits today until my husband arrives to capture Mr. Kermit and safely return him to a place that is OUTSIDE of my home!  Yikes!  Yuck!

Talk About It:  How has your day been?  Do you have any early morning, crazy stories?  What's the funniest, scariest, silliest thing that has occurred in your life lately?!


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  1. Strangely enough, we have had a few frogs in the house as well. Little ones. Not big ones. One today. Both times I have noticed is when the dog was playing with them.
    Critters in the house are not uncommon with 6 cats and a dog that all use a pet door to transition from inside to outside and back at will.

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