A Travel Tradition

I was just standing in my son’s nursery, changing his diaper, when I looked up to see some books I have on display in his bedroom.  Before my daughter was born I decorated the nursery in gender-neutral colors, (orange, teal, lime green, yellow, and gray.)  Then, I collected travel items to display in the nursery- a world map for above the crib, a pillow with luggage tags on it for the rocking chair, an old suitcase, and bed sheets with different popular destination landmarks printed on them.  My goal was to create a nursery one time and use it for both of my kids.  I had hoped the second would be a boy and so I planned ahead for that.  Thank goodness that I did.


But those books I was looking at are so special to me because they represent a trip we have taken together, dating all the way back to when I was in the first or second trimester of my pregnancy with my daughter.  That’s our travel tradition.

Every time we take a trip or visit a new place, we pick out a book to purchase.  Then, I write a letter to my daughter about the trip inside the book.  Most of the letters have been written to my daughter but my son will soon become a part of this tradition too.

I like the idea of purchasing books for my children as souvenirs.  We already have an enormous collection of stuffed animals and they certainly don’t need any more trinkets or toys, but books are timeless.  These books with the letters handwritten inside are something they can cherish forever.  And I don’t just purchase picture books.  I have bought some chapter books too, knowing there will be a time when my daughter will be able to read those books as well.

Now that she is a little bit older and FULL of opinions, she will probably enjoy picking out her own book on our next trip.  Then, as she grows older, she can even begin to write those letters herself.  My hope is that this will be a fun way to nurture reading and writing within my kids.  I hope that they will treasure this tradition and maybe perhaps, one day, even carry it on with their own children.

If you’d like to hear more about our family trips and travels, please check out my podcast, Teacher Mom Talks Travel.  I haven’t updated it in a while (because of fees) but there are still a few episodes up.

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Lately, instead of podcasting, I have been blogging.  You can check out some of our latest travels by reading these posts below:

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Talk About It:  What kind of traditions have you created for your family?  Is there a special traditional trip you take as a family?  Please comment below with your thoughts.  Happy Traveling!

Little Passports

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